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Four 批发价格指数的学生s posing in a grassy field with an industrial drone
A 批发价格指数的学生 in a modern laboratory with electrical engineering test equipment including a power supply and an oscilloscope
A 批发价格指数的学生 solving a math problem at a whiteboard with a laptop showing plots and graphs in the foreground
Two 批发价格指数的学生s examining a large sensor array installed on the roof of a car
A student shows a young girl how to generate electricity from lemons with a cybersecurity poster in the background
Three pre-college 学生 with a small robot on a table. One student is taking a picture of the robot with a phone.

WPI's 电 and 计算机工程 (ECE) Department, located in the historical 阿特沃特肯特实验室, is a community of world-class faculty and 学生 conducting research on diverse subjects including machine learning, cryptography and information security, 信号处理, 自主车辆, 聪明健康, 假肢控制, analog and digital microelectronics, and wireless information networks. We have a strong tradition of making significant contributions to science and engineering, ranging from the invention of the negative feedback amplifier to laying the foundations of the first wireless local area networks.

通过我们的创新 理论和实践 curriculum, hands-on laboratories, and 澳门澳娱乐, the ECE Department continuously strives to develop the next generation of engineers who will develop new technologies and seek creative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. We pride ourselves on our culture of creative scholarship; faculty, 学生, and staff work closely together and encourage each other through challenges both in the classroom and in life.

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Lt. Governor Karyn Polito Announces State Funding for WPI alt
Lt. Governor Karyn Polito Announces State Funding for WPI
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更大 reported on (scroll down to 13th item at 20:04:50 mark)  Andrew Clark, assistant professor of 电 & 计算机工程, 使用五年, $500,000 CAREER Award to build algorithms and use machine learning that can identify and filter out erroneous information created when a hacker breaches a system’s typical first-line security measures, 像防火墙, 固件的保护, 以及自动修复bug.

帕特里克Schaumont, professor of electrical and computer engineering, was included in 《澳门澳娱乐》 regarding a story about COVID-19 contact tracing apps. The story explores the larger picture of contact tracing apps being developed nationally. Reporter Hiawatha Bray wrote: “WPI s援助 it’s developed a way to track location and time, while still concealing the identity of the infected person.” (The WPI community can also access the story 在这里.)

Hardware Security 研究 at WPI

Spotlight on Engineering: Hardware Security 研究

帕特里克Schaumont, professor of electrical and computer engineering, is an expert in hardware security. 作为维尔南实验室的一部分, w在这里 several key experts are working on various perspectives of secure system design, he aims to develop designs and prototypes and methods and tools. Partnering with WPI experts in this field can help industry collaborators transfer their own ideas into viable products.

Professor gives an interactive video talk

ECE Professor Boosts Engagement with Creative Videos

ECE professor Maqsood Mughal has been a driving force in the success of providing high-quality hybrid learning to 学生 throughout this past year. Learn more about Maqsood's expertise and how you can create interactive and engaging videos through OBS Studio in this blog article and in Mughal's YouTube video entitled: "Creating Interactive Scenes to Project on Zoom and Other Platforms Using OBS Studio."

WPI Professor Teaming with Experts to Develop Wireless Sensors for New Prosthetics Device

Wireless Sensors for a New Prosthetics Device

泰德·克兰西教授, 当地一家假肢公司, and an occupational therapist with limb absence have teamed up to develop wireless sensors to improve the performance of prosthetics for individuals with upper limb amputations. “This wireless sensor technology will have a major impact for individuals with limb absence and allow them to control their hand and wrist prostheses,” 克兰西, professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Turning a Regular Car into an Autonomous Vehicle

Driving Straight into an Autonomous Future

With self-driving cars promising to become part of our everyday lives, one MQP team took on the challenge of retrofitting a traditional vehicle to become a self-driving automobile. Under the supervision of ECE professor 亚历克斯Wyglinski, team members built a modular platform, 使用激光雷达, which uses lasers and sensors to measure distance, 超声波传感器, 汽车, and a high-performance computing module that can make any ground vehicle drive autonomously. 

Eric Soederberg, featured alumni

Sunrise Lab’s 创新s are both Changing and Saving Lives

Find out how Eric Soederberg `83 EE and his Sunrise Lab’s innovations are both changing and saving lives in the summer edition of the WPI Journal.

Jodi Gernon, highlighted alumni

Leading the Arthur Rock Center for 创业 at HBS

Discover how Jodi Gernon`86 EE is leading the Arthur Rock Center for 创业 at HBS in the summer edition of the WPI Journal.




电 & 计算机工程; minor in Computer Science & 音乐

At WPI, Robbie is pursuing his passion for music alongside his interest in electrical & computer engineering and computer science.



b在电 and 计算机工程

Maya’s sense of community and faculty mentors has given her the confidence she needs for success as a STEM student.  



b在电 & 计算机工程

为益, WPI’s project based learning has allowed her to have unique, 实践的经历 that may not have been possible at other institutions

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